Using Neurontin For Withdrawal

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Park to Park Ride with Fresno Bike Party
05/25/2013  9:00 AM




To conclude National May is Bike Month, I Bike Fresno is teaming up with the Fresno Bike Party for the first ever Park-to-Park Ride on Saturday, May 25 at 9 a.m.


Ride from Oso De Oro Park to Roeding Park! We will meet together at 9am at Oso De Oro Park then ride together to Roeding Park for an approx. 6 mile ride! 

At the finish we will offer free bike valet so you can hang out with fellow riders, go to the Zoo or Storyland/Playland or maybe even bring some bread and feed the ducks! 

Join us with your family for a fun filled, final 2013 Bike Month Ride! 

WHERE: Oso De Oro Park - Location
TIME: Meet at 9am - Ride leaves at 9:30am
DISTANCE: Approx 6 miles 

There will be a group ride back to Oso De Oro Park at 1:30pm. 


Coming Events


Contact Us

I Bike Fresno
c/o Bike Happy Foundation
7676 N. Palm Ave, Suite 104
Fresno, CA 93711