Welcome to the "Still Working Out the Kinks" I Bike Fresno Blog

byron-handlebar This is the newly created I Bike Fresno Blog. It is not quite fully functional...but hey, you’re reading this so it's doing one thing right.

If you have been following our site the last couple weeks you have noticed small additions here and there since we launched. It is getting there and we will be continually improving it until we die.

Our goal is just to get people on their bikes. We don’t care why you ride, we just want you to do it more. Did you know that 40% of the trips you take are within two miles of your house? That's not very far. And most of the time it is to buy something small. A quick trip the corner store to pick up a prescription, rent a DVD or get something you could have "swore you had!"

Why not make these tiny trips on your bike? You'd be surprised how great it feels to be outside and not in your car. Plus, its great exercise. And just think...what if one day everyone made the tiny trips by bike? Imagine, parking lots filled with bikes instead of cars.

I’m positive people in long lines would be much happier.

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